How To Paint Crisp Stripes


I looooove the stripes I painted in my entry and I want to show you how to get the same results.

Supplies List:

Base paint color
Accent paint color
(More paint colors, if you choose)
Tape measure
Painter’s tape (doesn’t matter which color)
Roller brush
Paint tray and liner
Small paint brush

Step 1:  Paint the base color.  After you’ve chosen your color combination, choose one color as your “base color.”  For the purposes of simplicity for this tutorial, I will discuss the use of only two colors.  The second color will be known as your “accent color.”  My base color shown in these photos is white.  Paint out your wall(s) entirely in the base color.


Step 2:  Tape.  Now, tape out where you want your stripes to be.  You will need a level, pencil, and tape measure (if your level doesn’t have a ruler) to complete this step.  For the record, the narrower your stripes, the more traditional your space will look.  For a more modern look, go with wider stripes.


Step 3:  Label.  This step is optional, but I found it helpful to label which color was going where after I taped.  I can get a little cross-eyed doing this detail work sometime, so I found this necessary for me.


Step 4:  Seal.  This is the most crucial step.  If you skip this step, the accent color will bleed into the base color and you won’t get the crisp lines.  To avoid bleeding, paint the base color over the tape where the it meets the accent color.  Make sure there are no pocket holes that the accent color will be able to bleed through.

Step 5:  Paint the accent color.  After the base color on the tape dries thoroughly, paint the accent color in the area where you intend it to go.  My accent color is gray.

Step 6:  Remove the tape.  After the accent color dries, pull off the tape.  You should have crisp, straight lines.  IF any accent color bled through, just touch up with a small paint brush.


I hope you found this tutorial helpful.  Happy painting!


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