Get Your Plastic Bags Under Control


The above picture is how I used to store my plastic store bags.  No joke.  I’m totally serial.  I used to tie each bag in a knot to keep it from coming apart, but this system took up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much room under my sink.  Something had to be done.


Thank GOD I found this new system on Pinterest.  All that mess under the sink was finally corralled into this beauty.  Instead of repurposing an empty wipe container (because I don’t use them in my house), I just held the roll of plastic bags together with a rubber band and stored it in an empty glass vase (I picked this one up from Ikea).  This vase is able to hold a roll of roughly 30 bags.


And if I get new bags while using up the first roll, I start a back-up roll.  This takes up much less room and looks a million times more organized.

I gotta admit that the initial process in Operation: Get Bags Under Control was immensely time consuming.  I had to weed out all the bags with holes or were dirty from spills, etc.  That pile of mess in the sink cabinet took me about 90 minutes to get through (rolling up all the bags in the new system was included in this count).  But all that upfront time investment paid off.  Adding to the roll one or two bags at a time takes just a few seconds and gives me supreme peace of mind.


The roll is for the grocery store bags which we use for garbage bags.  They do not hold the small plastic produce bags that we use to bring home the veggies.  The produce bags are a perfect size for the garbage bucket, which I keep on the kitchen counter to throw out food scraps while I’m cooking.  Using a countertop garbage bucket reduces the number of trips I need to make to the big garbage can.  Later this year, our city is implementing a food scraps bin and when we start gardening we’ll have a compost bin, but until then, this is our system.  I fold the produce bags using this method, keep them stored in the garbage bucket and when I cook, I just undo one of the triangles and line my bucket.  When I’m done cooking, I tie up the liner and throw it all into the big garbage can.  Like I said, this is our system for now.  I’m really looking forward to the day when we’ll be composting.

Happy organizing!


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