Check Out My New Hair

The last time I got a drastic haircut was in August 2010.  I wouldn’t have even considered cutting my long locks then if it hadn’t been for the fact that I was traveling through China at the time and it was so blazing hot that keeping my long hair was becoming increasingly more of a nuisance.  After it was cut to shoulder length, I let it grow back at its own pace.  I hoped it would be long again by the summer of 2012 for my wedding.  I only had three trims through the course of those two years, just to keep my hair looking stylish and not weighed down (as it has a tendency to look when I let my hair grow out).  By July 2012, I had my long hair back.

After I returned from Europe, I intended to get my hair cut as soon as the wedding reception was over.  But life got in the way and I couldn’t find a time to book my appointment.  A couple months went by and my friends were noticing how long my hair was getting.  I found that it was getting in my way a lot more too.  I couldn’t wash the dishes without tying my hair up first.  When I laid my head on my husband’s shoulder, my hair often got tangled up around my neck.  It was a mess.  Then I had the idea that I would just let my hair grow as long as possible in order to be long enough to donate.  I had never donated my hair before, although I’d heard it done several times.  I wanted to give my hair away to good use.  Seeing as no chemicals had touched these tresses since 2006, I felt I was a good candidate.

Finally, I felt it was time.


Just this past July, my hair barely reached my mid-back.  As of Saturday, my hair had grown to my waist.  I don’t recall my hair ever being this long.

I met with my stylist, who took care of preparing my hair to be donated.  It was an easy process.  All I needed to do was tell her I wanted to donate it and she took care of the rest.  I think each salon has their own requirements for hair donation depending on which charity they’re affiliated with, but mine needed hair that was 8″-10″ in length.  As some of my hair was layered, I would need to have really short layers in my new style if I wanted those to be donated too.  The new short layers would reach somewhere above my ear.  I gave her the OK to go ahead.  That’s how much I trusted my stylist.


My stylist sectioned my hair into about four equal parts, after washing and blow drying.  Each section was tied off in a ponytail at the length it would be cut off.  She used a ruler to double check the length, making sure I had enough length still to create a new style that wasn’t too short.  (I wasn’t really interested in doing the Anne Hathaway as that pixie cut doesn’t do well with my razor straight Asian hair.  Trust me, I’ve actually had that style before.)  The cut was made right above the tie, which held the strands together in a bundle for easy donating.  The first cut was made; there was no turning back!

When my stylist went to cut off the shorter layers, my hair was left so short that I almost had a moment of regret.  I know she said that I would be left with layers so short that it would be just above my ears, but I wasn’t prepared to look like Jake Ryan’s blond girlfriend in Sixteen Candles when she got the back of her hair chopped off after getting a chunk of it caught in the bathroom door.  Instead, I kept faith and remained quiet as I let my stylist work.

When my length was removed and prepped for donation, she went to work with her scissors, snipping and trimming away, smoothing out the rough cuts, creating soft layers where she saw necessary.  I was a blank canvas on which she could create a masterpiece as I had given her almost no direction to take my hair.

In the end, she made me look like this:


Any major change will take some getting used to, but I loved it.  It was stylish and sassy, just the way I like to think of myself. *grin*  I don’t worry about having this hair kept short for too long.  Look how quickly my hair grew last time I cut it off!

My hair will get donated to BC Cancer Agency right here in Vancouver.  The salon takes care of mailing out my hair.  The longest hair of the bundle measured at 12″; the shortest was about 8″.  I would be happy to go through this process again.



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  • Visit me at my new home!

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