Spell “Welcome” With Scrabble Tiles


I love finding neat things in my travels.  It’s not often that I get to come home with much because I like to pack light to avoid all the baggage check fees and waiting around at baggage claim.  On my trip to Toronto last spring, I discovered Kensington Market.  It’s a wickedly cool neighborhood  just outside of Chinatown in Toronto that is filled with vintage stores, bright colors, and an energetic vibe. I knew I was in my element the minute I rounded the corner.

It was in Kensington Market that I discovered a grab bin at Courage, My Love.  Anything in this bin was $0.15 each.  There were tiny grommets, large beads, metal charms, and Scrabble tiles (amongst a plethora of other trinkets).  There was something about these tiles that really appealed to me and it took a few laps around the store to figure out what I wanted to do with them.  I would spell out “Welcome” and create a sign to greet my guests in my home.

I was able to find all the letters to spell out “Welcome” and with the addition of a couple of blank tiles, I formed a 3×3 layout.  These tiles had no problem finding room in my small carry-on suitcase.  I found other scraps of items in my home to complete my sign.  There was no need to go out and buy any new materials for such a small project.  The picture frame came from Ikea, the fabric was a designer fabric sample, the tiles were placed on top of a paint chip big enough to create a border.  The tiles and paint chip were glued directly onto the fabric and then inserted into the frame without the glass.  This project couldn’t be easier.

Total time: If you don’t count the travel time from Vancouver to Toronto, the shopping trip to Kensington Market hunting for vintage finds, the return trip to Vancouver, and the time it took for me to rummage through all my craft supplies, the actual time it took to assemble the sign was less than ten minutes.  No joke!

Total cost:  The tiles were $1.53 after taxes; the fabric and paint chip were free as they were samples; the HAVERDAL frame from Ikea was $7.99 that I got on sale for half off which ended up costing me $4.47 after taxes.  This sign was a grand total of $6!  Love that!


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  1. I keep watching for an old scrabble game to use for crafting at yard sales. This is a neat idea. Love your blog and ideas. Thanks for liking my book cover post.

  2. Hiya! Thanks for returning the visit and checking out my blog! Happy to hear you like what I’ve posted. Stay tuned for more great ideas – they’re popping up faster than I am able to execute. =) ~M.

  3. I know how it is, I have so much planned and never enough time to do it in.

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