repurposed: Easy Nailhead Detail

I’ve got a super simple repurposed idea for you today!  The next time you’re looking at your table edge or shelf edges thinking they look a little boring, why not add some bling around them with nailheads?  There are lots of nailhead (or upholstery tack) options in furniture upholstery, such as the ones I used in my headboard, but I’ve got an easy solution (and cost effective) way to do this for hard surfaces.

Pantry_thumb tacks

Thumb tacks!  They can be purchased at any office supply store, or you can do as I did and buy them from the dollar store.  This box of 300 tacks was only $1.25!  I was able to bling up a lot of surface area.

Thumb tacks are about the same size of the smaller upholstery tacks, but they have a flatter head and the pins are shorter, so they’re not ideal for upholstery work as they’re not long enough to go through the layers of fabric and foam to get to the wood frame.  They are, however, excellent to use on hard surfaces.

It takes a bit of finesse to line up all the tacks accurately, so it’s not a quick project, I must admit.  I recommend locating where you want your thumb tacks to go by marking it with a Sharpie, then drilling tiny pilot holes at those dots.  DON’T drill all the way through unless you have a tiny enough drill bit to accept the thumb tack.  I do not.  Your third step will be to hammer in the thumb tacks in those pilot holes and there you have it – sparkling new nail heads for less than a dollar!

**I found that if I skipped the step of pre-drilling pilot holes, my thumb tacks slid all over the surface and I was hurting myself more in the process.


Pretty pretty, huh!

Total time: I added nailheads to my pantry shelves which were about 24″ to 30″ long.  Each shelf took about 30 minutes to bling out.

Total cost: After taxes, the thumb tacks cost me a total of $1.40.  Don’t tell anyone my secret, though, because my shelves look like a million bucks!  


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