repurposed: Baking Pan To Boot Tray

One of my absolute favorite articles of clothing I love to wear are boots.  I’m not exactly sure when the interest surfaced, but all I know is that my eyes can’t not look at a sweet pair of boots.  It was no wonder when I redesigned my entry, I had to make space for a place to take off my boots.  The space was found, but I couldn’t find a boot tray to fit into that space.  I was working with only 12″ x 18″ and all the pre-fabbed boot trays were too big – even the ugly, utilitarian rubber ones!

What could I do?  Think outside the ordinary, of course!  I won’t bore you with the details of my endless months of searching.  In the end, I found my perfect boot tray in a baking pan.  Not all baking pans are sized the same, so I did have to weed through a few models before finding the right size: exactly 12″ x 18″.  I brought it home and it was a perfect fit!  Oh, thank the Lord!  My search was finally over.

Repurposed boot tray | Redesigned by M

I considered painting out the tray, but in the end I decided that the gray metal worked well with my gray and white color scheme.  (Or maybe I wanted it to work in my color scheme because I was too lazy to paint it out?)

Repurposed boot tray | Redesigned by M

Then I bought a couple bags of river rocks from Dollar Tree to give the tray some drainage properties.

And that was it!

Repurposed boot tray | Redesigned by M

Now my boots have a lovely place to sit and no longer dirty our floor.  Super love!

Total time: Hands-on time was less than five minutes.  This project couldn’t be quicker, especially since I canceled out the painting step.

Total cost: The baking pan was $9.99 from HomeSense; two bags of rocks were $1.25 each from Dollar Tree.  The final tally is $13.99 after taxes.  Sure, this amount could be lower, but I opted to get a sturdy baking pan that could stand the abuse of an entry way.

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  1. Great idea – so simple and yet stylish!

  2. Thank you!

  3. Ohmygosh they are the same!! I still LOVE mine…so functional!!

  4. Haha, right? I love that my boots are no longer dirtying up the floor!

  5. Thanks, Anjana! Couldn’t be easier after I found the right tray. ~M.

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