redesigned: Tweed Skirt

Last week I gave myself a foot injury by falling down some stairs.  An evident cracking sound meant that I had broken a bone and this was only confirmed in X-rays the next day.  Luckily, nothing was out of alignment so no cast was needed.  Nonetheless, I was on crutches for the week, which put a damper on any DIY plans around the house for the weekend. What’s a passionate DIY-er to do with a bum foot who couldn’t go outside to play?  I decided I’d sit at the sewing machine all weekend; keep off the bum foot, y’know.

I had a bag of clothes that needed mending, and I’m not exactly proud to admit that it’d been sitting in my closet for well over a year.  Most of it needed minor attention: sleeves shortened, tank top straps shortened, pockets reinforced, etc.  Taking care of those minor, but important details made me feel like I had new clothes to wear.  Who doesn’t love that, right?

One of my biggest sewing projects was this tweed skirt I purchased many, many, many…. many years ago.

Refashioned Tweed Skirt (Before) | Redesigned By M

I bought it because I really like tweed and the color was quite unusual for tweed.  It must’ve been on sale too.  However, I really never felt comfortable wearing it.  It always seemed too frumpy on me.  The skirt was also longer in the back and I just don’t think A-line skirts look all that great on me.

Refashioned Tweed Skirt (Tutorial) | Redesigned By M

I pulled a pencil skirt from my closet (that fits me perfectly) to use as a template for this redesign.  Firstly, I lined the hems up as the pencil skirt is longer than the tweed skirt.  I would’ve like to turn the tweed into a pencil skirt, but it just wasn’t long enough.

Refashioned Tweed Skirt (Tutorial) | Redesigned By M

In case the template moved during pinning, I drew a chalk outline first.  After, I stuck in a few pins.

Refashioned Tweed Skirt (Tutorial) | Redesigned By M

I cut about 3/4″ from the chalk line and sewed along the chalk line.  As this skirt was lined, I sewed the lining separately as that’s how the original construction was.

Refashioned Tweed Skirt (Tutorial) | Redesigned By M

As I mentioned, the back of the skirt is longer than the front, but I wanted to make the hem all the same length.  I cut the back to match the length of the front.

Refashioned Tweed Skirt (Tutorial) | Redesigned By M

It’s hard to see in this photo because the thread is black, but I sewed at the hem about 1/4″ from the cut edge to match the front hem.

Refashioned Tweed Skirt (Tutorial) | Redesigned By M

Then I roughed up the edge to gently fray it to match the front.

Refashioned Tweed Skirt | Redesigned By M

Here’s my redesigned tweed skirt!

Refashioned Tweed Skirt | Redesigned By M

Don’t you think the fit is much better than before?

Refashioned Tweed Skirt | Redesigned By M

In case you forgot what it looked like before, here’s a Before and After side by side.

Total time:  It took about two hours due to the need of sewing the lining separately from the tweed.  Also, I’m not very proficient at sewing.  (Experts, please do not laugh at my amateur tutorial.)

Total cost:  Nothing!

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Redesigned By M

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  1. I love the redesigned skirt. Very flattering.

  2. Valerie

     /  May 6, 2013

    Oh, I’m so sorry about your foot! Owwie!! Love the skirt, though. 😀

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your foot. That is absolutely no fun! On the bright side, your skirt is so wonderful with the redesign!

  4. Thank you!

  5. Thanks for the concern and the compliment!

  6. Yeah, it’s definitely no fun, but it’s getting better! Thank you for your kind words. I am loving the skirt so much more now! ~M.

  7. Love it! Was that you modeling the skirt in pumps…with a broken foot? What are you, crazy?!

  8. Yeah, my husband was pretty horrified, too. I had to make the sacrifice for the photo shoot! It was only a few minutes anyway. No big deal.

  9. Looks way better now! Has more style and is definitely more flattering. Sorry about your foot 😦

  10. So you agree that the A-line version looked frumpy on me! I think the redesigned version is much more flattering, too. Thanks for your sympathy note! ~M.

  11. You’re welcome. Hope it gets better soon.

  12. A slim shirt (pencil skirt) is always slimming. Great alteration. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  13. Thank you!

  14. It looks much better. It fits you perfectly!! Hope your foot is all better.

  15. Thank you so much! My foot is still healing, but at least I’m mobile again (albeit a bit slowly). ~M.

  16. Love your blog!

    I would love for you to share your favorite posts and link up at my TGIF Link Party.
    The party opens Thursday night and closes on Wednesday night at midnight.

    Please, invite your friends to party too! The more the merrier!

    Hugs, Cathy

  17. Thanks for stopping by, Cathy! I have several projects I’d love to link to your site. See you at the party! ~M.

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