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DIY Coasters Using Upcycled Materials | Redesigned By M

After the thrift store tray I redesigned with a placemat and some spray paint, I had leftover material of the placemat.  I decided I could use the scraps to make some coasters.  When I looked around for backing material, I found the backs of the picture frames that I took off when I hung my group of frames in the entry.  I thought, “Well, I’m not doing anything else with these.”

DIY Coasters Using Upcycled Materials | Redesigned By M

My supply list included:

Backs of picture frames
Placemat scraps
“No Nails” construction adhesive
Plastic bumpers

DIY Coasters Using Upcycled Materials | Redesigned By M

The first step was to separate the easel from the backing board.  I had two different types of attachments.  The photo above shows a hinge with prong attachments.  This was easy to remove.  I only pulled on it a bit and it came right off.

DIY Coasters Using Upcycled Materials | Redesigned By M

The other type of attachment was a grommet type.  This required a bit more time.  One of my easels with this attachment was secured so well that I wasn’t able to get it off.  (That was the black one on the left.)  I gave up on that after about ten minutes of failure.  The teal one in the middle had a grommet attachment, but it came off a little easier.  All I used was the flat side of the hammer to pry it apart.

DIY Coasters Using Upcycled Materials | Redesigned By M

Removing the easel was the most difficult part.  The next steps were:

  1. Cut backing board into a square.  I shortened the longer side to match the size of the shorter side.  As these were relatively cheap frames, I could cut or score and break the backing board depending on the material.
  2. Using scissors, I trimmed the placemat scraps to size, making sure to match up the pattern where necessary.
  3. With No Nails, I glued the placemat scraps to the backing boards.  Let dry for at least four hours, preferably overnight to cure.
  4. Once dry, stick plastic bumpers to the underside of the coasters.  One of my coasters was flocked with velvet, so I didn’t add any bumpers to that.  The velvet would be soft enough not to damage any table surfaces.

DIY Coasters Using Upcycled Materials | Redesigned By M

Here’s another idea for a repurposed coaster – and it’s MUCH easier than the project showcased above.

DIY Coasters Using Upcycled Materials | Redesigned By M

Take any 4×4 ceramic tile and add plastic bumpers to the corners.  You can also use felt scraps, cut to 4×4 and glued on; or adhesive backed sheets of cork, cut to full size of tile.  Another coaster lining you can use is felt furniture protectors with adhesive backs.  Those work well also.

DIY Coasters Using Upcycled Materials | Redesigned By M

Tiles are a great option to turn into coasters.  They look especially good if you have a set of designs or patterns.  The ones above are ceramic tiles I picked up many, many years ago.  I still use them today.

Total time: Placemat coasters took about 10-15 minutes for each coaster.  The bulk of the time was spent in removing the easels.  The tile coasters took a minute for all of the five shown, if you use plastic bumpers.  It might take a minute for each tile if you use felt or cork liners, as that requires cutting.

Total cost:  Nothing, since I used random materials from around the house.

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  1. This is great! I especially liked the tip about the ceramic tiles – I never thought of that! Thanks!

  2. Thank you! I always think that some of my projects are too simple to make a fuss over by writing a lengthy post about it, but your comment made me realize that sometimes there are things that others haven’t thought of yet. I really appreciate your feedback! ~M.

  3. It’s always the easiest things that are so awesome! I went to the hardware store today and made six!

  4. OMG, that is so awesome! I have so many questions! Did it take the amount of time I said it would? Did you get a set of cool designs? What lining did you use? Can I see them? Sorry – I’m really nosy!

  5. I did really simple plain ones using the tiles – only because I don’t have any placemats on hand!! I will make more using the placemats. I have a black and white thing going in my living room so I picked glossy black tiles and I used those silicone bumper things!! I saw some cute placemats on clearance at TJ Maxx today though…getting ideas going!

  6. Ohhh… it absolutely warms my heart to hear when someone has been inspired by one of my projects and actually puts action to it. THANK YOU for sharing this with me!

  1. Tile Coasters | The Little Crafter That Could

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