redesigned: Frumpy to Awesome Khaki Slacks

Redesigned Khaki Slacks | Redesigned By M

I’ve had this pair of slacks for years, decades maybe.  I kept them because they were comfortable, but I never liked the way they looked on me.  Maybe back in the early 2000’s, the style was suitable, but now… well, it’s just frumpy.  And I looked dumpy in them.  Perhaps even lumpy.  Haha… I’m such a nerd.

Redesigned Khaki Slacks | Redesigned By M

Do not even talk to me about the top!  I know that is just as frumpy as the khakis.  I’ll be saving that for another refashioned post, when I, er, get around to fixing it up.

Redesigned Khaki Slacks | Redesigned By M

Since I am not an expert seamstress, and a lazy one at that, I used a pair of good form fitting jeans as a template.  I used this same technique for my refashioned tweed skirt.

Redesigned Khaki Slacks | Redesigned By M

I traced the jeans with chalk and then pinned.  (Oh my God!  Look at all that extra fabric!)

Redesigned Khaki Slacks | Redesigned By M

I started my stitches at the existing seam so that the new fit would be seamless and wouldn’t have to take any stitches out to start over.  I tried on the slacks before cutting.  I determined I liked the fit, so I removed the pants and cut about a half inch away from the new stitches with pinking shears.  Pinking shears are excellent for someone who doesn’t have a serger, like me.  And who doesn’t want to do more sewing than necessary, like me.

Redesigned Khaki Slacks | Redesigned By M

And here are the new khakis!  Pretty awesome, huh?  Should I have ironed the slacks before photographing them?  Maybe.

Redesigned Khaki Slacks | Redesigned By M

Just chillin’ with a fedora and some loafers.  Not sure if this look is right for me.  So I tried something else…

Redesigned Khaki Slacks | Redesigned By M

I took them out in the rain with my spicy pink rain boots.

Redesigned Khaki Slacks | Redesigned By M

Unfortunately, there weren’t enough puddles for me to jump in, so I drew in my own.

Redesigned Khaki Slacks | Redesigned By M

Frumpy to awesome khakis…. who agrees?

Total time: Only half an hour!  (Remember I am inexperienced!)

Total cost: Nothing!

*  *  *  *

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  1. thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your redesigns, there is a reason for keeping all that stuff at the back of the wardrobe that one day I will turn into something amazing!

  2. Exactly! It’s just a whole lot of fun too, to see your clothes in a different way. Thanks for returning the blog love! ~M.

  3. Cute!!! Nice work – repurposing garments is smart! Second chances!

  4. Good job! And it is funny I see this post today because I have a pair of khakis that I’m planning to repurpose. They are way too big in both the legs and the waist. I’ve just been moving them from room to room angry that the magic fairy hasn’t completed them yet. -Nizzy

  5. Thank you! Hope to fix up a few other “delightful” pieces in my closet. ~M.

  6. Yeah, that’s what happened to this pair for the longest time. I’m so glad I finally redesigned them because I love them so much more now. Thanks for stopping by! ~M.

  7. They look fabulous! Your redesigning is always spot on!

  8. Awww! What a wonderful compliment! Thank you!! ~M.

  9. You are too cute!! What a clever idea!

    Michele 🙂

  10. Thank you, darling! ~M.

  11. I do that template trick too ! Love that photo with the raindrops, super cute !

  12. Thank you! That’s my favorite photo too! I’m a bit miffed that I haven’t gotten more comments on it. Haha =) ~M.

  13. Hi! I really enjoy your tutorials! And tis is just so clever for the pants you want to throw away but can’t! Now they’re really wearable

  14. They truly are! Sometimes I think back on all the other articles of clothing I gave away before I knew how to refashion them. Le sigh…

  15. I know right! Redesign is like a whole new (totally awesome) world opening up!

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