repurposed: Prevent Floppy Boot Disorder

Prevent Floppy Boot Disorder | Redesigned By M

See this photo?  Not a fan.  

I really, really, REALLY try not to constantly put my two cents into how people organize their closets (I mean, I literally can’t talk to that person anymore lest I blurt it out next time I see them), but it’s oh so difficult to keep my mouth shut sometimes!  

Does anyone realize how easy it is to prevent Floppy Boots Disorder (FBD)?

If I say something, does that make me an annoying busy-body know-it-all?  If I say nothing, will this disorder cause contagion?  Will FBD ever stop if I say nothing???  This, I ask you!

Firstly, the retail stores actually sell these products call boot shapers.  And they’re really pretty awesome.  Have a look:

Prevent Floppy Boot Disorder | Redesigned By M

Boot shapers are molded plastic forms that fit inside the leg of your boots to keep them standing upright and formed.  They’ll expand to the shape of the leg, so no need to worry if you feel one pair of boots have bigger calves than the next pair of boots.  They even have hangers attached to them so you can choose to hang your boots on a rod, off the floor.  You know what the downside of these boot shapers are?  They’re a bit expensive.  Like, $15-$20 per pair expensive.  The cost can add up if you have several pairs of boots, like I have.

So why not try a few other alternatives that are easier on your wallet and the environment?  Repurpose the following (very effective) items to keep those boots shapely and upright when stored in the closet:

Prevent Floppy Boot Disorder | Redesigned By M

Boom!  Mind blown, right?  Insert any of these items into your boot(s) and your FBD will be remedied.  [Cardboard and magazine will have to be rolled up.]

Here’s a recap (and just because I wanted to make a graphic):

Prevent Floppy Boot Disorder | Redesigned By M

Would it be highly cocky of me to say, “You’re welcome,” at this point?  Yes?  OK.  How about I end this with, “Hope that helps!”


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  1. it’s a freakin’ epidemic! thank goodness there is a cure! 🙂 awesome ideas!

  2. I had this same problem last Winter! I used empty water bottles but I’ve seen where people get pool noodles and cut them to size! That’s a good idea because you can probably use one noodle for two or three different pairs of boots – depending on the length.

  3. Thank goodness! ~M.

  4. I have seen the pool noodles! Completely forgot about them because I don’t have any in my house, but yes, I bet they would work great too. Thanks for the reminder! ~M.

  5. Enjoyed this top tip simple when you how. Keep blogging.

  6. Thank you!

  7. This is so awesome. Super useful!

  8. Thank you! Glad it helped! ~M.

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