reorganized: Birthday Freebies Update

Just following up with my birthday post about picking up all my freebies! Thought you’d like to see all the birthday freebies that I got last Saturday. It was SO much fun to be able to eat all day for free and to get great discounts on my shopping trips. I also had a lovely trip to Bowen Island, my “B” destination this year. Read why I go to places that start with a “B” on my birthdays here. I’ll be sharing my day in Bowen Island a little later this month, so stay tuned!

For now, let me share with you my lovely birthday goodies!

Birthday Freebies Update | Redesigned By M

As Value Village was the first shop to open of the day, I stopped here first to do some thrifting. I love thrifting on a normal non-birthday day, but I am MORE in love with thrifting when I can get a discount off my purchase! Above are just some wonderful things I picked up. You know I’ll be redesigning several of these things. Except the yellow bucket; that’s pretty much perfect as is.

Birthday Freebies Update | Redesigned By M

Then I stopped at Tarts Bakery for a morning treat. There were several tartlets to choose from, but I chose the raspberry macaroon. Oh. My. God. Let me tell you, this tartlet was about about 1.5″ in diameter, but it was dee-lish-us!! I definitely want to go back for more and pay $1.75 for it. Yum-o!

Birthday Freebies Update | Redesigned By M

After Tarts Bakery, I drove into Richmond to get some lunch at Pajo’s Fish & Chips. I was very surprised to be given an option of which fish I wanted. The Cod is $9.99; Salmon is $10.49, and Halibut is $10.99. Get the halibut to maximize your freebie!!! (If you like halibut.) You also get a free drink with it! This was almost a $15 meal for FREE! Heaven!

Birthday Freebies Update | Redesigned By M

Then I washed it all down with a smoothie. I can drink these things every day, but they’re especially enticing on a nice, hot day. Oh, and did I mention that it was sunny and warm on my birthday? Oh, yes it was!

Birthday Freebies Update | Redesigned By M

For my first dinner, I grabbed a burger at Vera’s Burger Shack. I’ve never eaten here before. Never even heard about it until I did my freebies research, but I’m glad I did because that was one tasty burger! I had to shell out $1.32 for the taxes on this burger, since the deal was only $10 off and not a free burger. No biggie!

Birthday Freebies Update | Redesigned By M

I let the burger from Vera’s sit a bit before we went out again to get an ice cream cone at Marble Slab. We had to do the dessert before the second dinner because Marble Slab closed at 11PM on Saturday. I chose a cheesecake ice cream with strawberry mix in. It was pretty delicious; not gonna lie.

Birthday Freebies Update | Redesigned By M

Second dinner! Now, I’m not a fan of breakfast food. Gasp! Did I offend some of you? Well, sorry, but it’s the truth. Luckily, Mr. M joined me and ate my Grand Slam. In return, he ordered a skillet for me, which I only ate about a quarter of because I was still full from my burger and ice cream.

Birthday Freebies Update | Redesigned By M

This is the skillet I ended up eating and bagging to take home, which I ate for breakfast AND lunch the next day. Way to make my dollar stretch, huh?

So that ended all my freebies for Saturday! Oh, wait, there’s more!

Birthday Freebies Update | Redesigned By M

BEFORE my birthday, I picked up my favorite birthday freebie from Sephora. Last year I got a couple of lip balms, which were really nice. This year, my gift was a mascara and a highlighter! Can’t wait to try these out!

Then on the day AFTER my birthday, I paid a visit to RW&Co with my 25% coupon to see what goodies they had in their store. There was a promotion of 50% off the last ticketed price on all sale items. I found a few items in the sales racks and took them to the counter. I thought my coupon would only allow me to use one of the promotions offered, so I didn’t think I could cash in my birthday coupon. The sales lady asked me if I had a coupon (since I was looking at it). She corrected my error and said that the birthday coupon was good off the final price, INCLUDING the 50% off promotion!!! In the end I saved nearly $100 and spent only $78. What a deal, what a deal!!

Birthday Freebies Update | Redesigned By M

And my final freebie: a gourmet burger from Red Robin. I ordered the lamb burger (because it was the most expensive burger on the menu and I love eating lamb). What a big burger it was! And bottomless fries to boot! Great way to end my birthday freebies indeed.

Have you collected any freebies for your birthday? Let me know in the comments below!

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Redesigned By M

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  1. So many freebies! Jealous! Hahaha. I got my birthday swag from Sephora and I love it to bits! Benefit’s They’re Real just became my favourite mascara ❤

  2. I haven’t tried it yet, but I look forward to now that you’ve given your feedback on it! ~M.

  3. Wow, you don’t mess around! Those raspberry macaroons look scrumptious. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  4. That was a scrumptious macaroon! I’m having a great weekend… hope the same for you! ~M.

  5. I said it before, and I’ll say it again… This was a genius idea! Happy you enjoyed your day!

  6. Aww, shucks, thanks! I had a wonderful birthday! ~M.

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