[reorganized] Linen Closet Makeover

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  1. That makeover is amazing! I love the chicken wire baskets that you created!

  2. You have a purple door! Unfortunately, my hubby would never agree to something like that :p

  3. It is stunning. A shame you have to close the door. 😉 I’d be interested in knowing if the chicken wire compromises your toilet paper (snagging/tearing). Also, it looks so lovely that I would fear others in the house would ruin your beautiful organizing (alas that is what would happen in our home).

  4. the end result looks great!! & again, i love me some labels! ha!

  5. sedrate

     /  August 16, 2013

    Love the chicken wire baskets, brilliant.

  6. Thank you! ~M.

  7. Only the inside of the door is painted! The outside that faces the hall is still white. ~M.

  8. The chicken wire is pretty snag free – we’ve been using it for months now and there’re no problems yet. As for keeping it this way, I’m hoping that everything is so clearly labeled that my husband will remember to put things back properly. We don’t have kids yet, so it’ll be several years before I have to deal with it getting all ruined (I hope!). Glad you liked the makeover! ~M.

  9. Thank you! Labels are so necessary in a good reorganization! ~M.

  10. Thank you! They weren’t too difficult to make – just make sure to wear gloves. haha

  11. Wow. Inspired. (Can you do this to my laundry room?)

  12. Haha! Sure! ~M.

  13. Kal

     /  August 16, 2013

    This is amazing! I love that adding a color scheme makes all the difference. Ok, now come do mine. Pretty please. 🙂

  14. I love the make over! What a great linen closet! Thanks for sharing at TTF.


  15. There’s no way i could keep the redesigned closet clean! LOL Youre amazing!

  16. Haha… you aren’t the first to ask! Thanks for the compliment! ~M.

  17. Thank you!

  18. Awesome job I know how hard this is! I have yet to become organized thanks for all the amazing ideas!

  19. Thank you! I may need to prevent anyone else from accessing the closet just to keep it organized. Haha ~M.

  20. Thanks! I could’ve worked so much faster, but I kept getting hindered by my own perfectionism. In the end, I just had to quit being so nitpicky and get it done!

  21. Amazing!! I love organisation!! I’m in the process of doing my home office. I hope my makeover turns out as well as yours. 🙂

  22. Thanks so much! I have to work on my studio/office as well and still conceptualizing it. Good luck on your project!

  23. Fantastic Job! I love the finish on the shelves. I think that adds a lot to the overall feeling of peace you get when you look at. Truly inspiring.

  24. Thank you! I agree that the faux-finished shelves adds the extra special character and personality to the overall serenity of the design. Had the shelves just been painted white, the closet would look a lot more stark… and boring!

  25. This has inspired me to get to work on some messy areas in my home! I particularly love the plant 🙂

  26. It’s so pretty and functional! And thank you about the tip for the lights– I didn’t know those existed! Can’t wait to get some and try them out.

  27. That’s awesome! I have it in mind to reorganize ALL my rooms in this fashion from now on.

  28. Thank you! Hope these lights work well for you. Remember, they don’t give off a ton of light, so if you want a lot, be prepared to put money down for a few.

  29. What a transformation! I love the jars with the essentials…great ideas!!

  30. Thank you so much! ~M.

  31. Such a cute closet! I’ve been pretty happy with ours up until recently, you’ve given me so many ideas to spruce it back up! Funny, I was just thinking of doing dark wood stained shelving and then I found this!

  32. It’s meant to be! I love how our closet turned out and hope I won’t need to change it again anytime soon. ~M.

  33. This puts my closed to shame I am afraid to say. Perhaps it is time for a little overhaul myself!

  34. Haha, this post was meant to inspire, not shame! I hope you’ve gotten some good ideas from this for your own closet. ~M.

  35. Wow, this is beautiful! It ;s getting me motivated to take on closets!

  36. I had no idea a linen closet could be so pretty! Guess I better get to work on mine! Lol Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  37. Haha this is not a bad thing at all, a little shame will go a long way in motivating me 😉

  38. Thank you! I love organizing closets. It’s hidden away, so they’re often forgotten, but what a surprise to open the door and find some eye candy!

  39. Thank you! Let’s see yours when you’re done!

  40. Love it! Especially the chicken wire baskets and hanging burlap baskets! I have a question though…where do you keep all of your towels?

  41. Great question! The towels we use are kept in the bathroom, on hooks. The guest towels and extra bath towels are stored in the guest room. Kitchen tea towels and cleaning rags are stored in the pantry. ~M.

  42. Thanks for the tips. They are really helpful. Now I have to find some time to reorganize my linen closet ;).

  43. Looks lovely! I just adore the “eye candy”…what a great idea! I think it’s pretty to look at, but I think it would also keep me motivated to keep it looking neat and organized! Great job, I need to do my own!

  44. Oh wow! Talk about inspiration!! You did a great job on your linen closet! Seriously love the before & after! Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday!

  45. *sigh*.. Thats a fair bit of work.. 🙂 But turned out looking stunning at the end..
    Thank you for linking into Colours Dekor last week.. 🙂
    Patricia @ Colours Dekor

  46. Love it! That turned out beautiful!

  47. It was a lot of work, but huge payoff! Thanks for hosting!

  48. Thank you so much!

  49. The purple colour looks really beautiful, would be soothing to the eyes whenever you walk to the closet.

  50. Thanks so much, Ruth!

  51. I’m hoping all the prettiness will keep EVERYONE in the house motivated to make it stay this way. hehe

  52. Thank you, Judith! Glad you found my tips helpful!

  53. Thank you! I wanted to do something different from ordinary linen closets and I love purple. ~M.

  54. So pretty! I like the glass jar & label ideas!

  55. I have so much to organise after moving but storage baskets are just the way to go.

  56. Mireya

     /  September 16, 2013

    You did a great job! I need to organize my stuff too. Right now I have xerox boxes and a plastic container and I am sick of things falling over every time I reach for them. You have inspired me! Love the tags and jars so cute!

  57. Thank you! It’s MUCH more functional now. Feels so good to know where everything is and not have to rummage through large containers! ~M.

  58. I love it, and I love your desk!

  59. Well, that’s not MY desk, but glad you liked the closet makeover!

  60. This is great! I always plan to organize but I guess it will always be WIP 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  61. For me, it is too! Good luck with yours! ~M.

  62. WOW! Love it! Such inspiration! We have very little storage, and only a small hall closet so it stays pretty organized (not much fits in it, lol). But, we do have a huge bedroom closet that has turned into the catch-all for everything, from vacuum, towels, sheets, toiletries, shampoo etc. I have been planning, and planning a makeover for it and after seeing this blog I am inspired to start creating my space. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  63. Thank you very much for stopping by my blog and liking my post. This led me to your blog which is fantastic. A lot of great inspirational ideas. You are so organized and creative.Thank you for sharing your ideas and projects.

  64. Aww, thanks so much! I hope I continue to inspire with more organization and creative projects. Stay tuned! ~M.

  65. Sometimes larger spaces naturally become catch-alls as they’re so hard to organize! I hope the ideas I’ve shared here will be beneficial in your closet. Good luck and happy organizing! ~M.

  66. Julia Stainton

     /  September 30, 2013

    Amazing transformation! Great ideas!

  67. Wow, great idea! You just gave me a whole new load of inspiration for my makeover plans! Love your blog!

  68. Thank you so much! Will be making some changes around the blog here, so be sure to follow along with my updates. The linen closet is only 1/100th of the house… lots more projects in the works!

  69. Looks great and what a fun color door!

  70. no I didn’t cheat and scroll down , I was happily thinking the first photos were the finished ones ! lol,
    wow amazing job , so glad I got to see this .
    it will inspire me , for sure , as I have a very similar set up in a dark hallway . the battery light is a great idea.
    thank you!

  71. Thanks for reading all the way through and not cheating! Haha. Those lights are the most perfect solution, but if you don’t want to do add any electrical into a tiny closet or do any hardwiring, these battery operated guys will work in a pinch! ~M.

  72. I LOVE your linen closet makeover – this is SO inspiring. My bathroom cabinets are a mess – I have SO many beauty products – so I’m going to use some of your tips to get a handle on those! Thanks for sharing!

  73. My bathroom cabinets are a mess too! I have to tackle those one day, but there are other more pressing projects to manage at the moment. Hope these tips work out well for you! Thanks for the comment! ~M.

  1. Operation: Organize Apartment [part 1. living room] | Jackietara

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