[redesigned] Easy Wall Shelf

Make a beautiful wall shelf with this easy tutorial | Redesigned By M

I’m still working on finishing my command center. This wall shelf is another component of it. I had bought these two shelf brackets for another project somewhere else in the house, but I’ve changed my mind about using them there. Since I couldn’t return them to the store, I decided they wouldn’t look so bad in the command center, with a bit of redesigning, of course.

Make a beautiful wall shelf with this easy tutorial | Redesigned By M

The mini shelves came off quite easily with a hammer as they were just nailed in. After painting, the brackets were glued and screwed onto the MDF board, which was painted as well.

Make a beautiful wall shelf with this easy tutorial | Redesigned By M

I struggled with figuring out a way to finish the edges of my new shelf. When painting the edges proved to be a failure, I thought I’d have to scour Home Depot for the perfect wood molding to clean off those edges. I must admit that I’m kind of scared of working with molding. I’m not scared of specifying it and having someone else cut it to size and miter the corners for me, but I’ve never done it myself, so that leaves me a little worried about pulling it off. That’s how I came up with the idea of covering the edges with black ribbon, which would give me a nice contrast and break from all the white. Not to mention the added bonus of not having to break out my power tools!

Make a beautiful wall shelf with this easy tutorial | Redesigned By M

This is the final wall shelf!

Make a beautiful wall shelf with this easy tutorial | Redesigned By M

I think the black ribbon picks up the black of the chalkboard wall quite nicely. Won’t be too long before my command center is completed now!

Total time: This was a day and a half project. The brackets were really porous, so I had to spray about three coats of paint to get full coverage. I spent a whole day just painting and waiting in between coats to dry. The other half day was to attach the board to the brackets and trimming out the edges with the ribbon.

Total cost: Embarrassingly, the brackets were $24.99 each. In its original intended location, I felt the price was justified, but for a command center, that’s quite pricey. Still better than letting them go to waste since I’d exceeded my return deadline. The MDF board was a leftover scrap from another job. I picked up 1.5 yards of the black ribbon for $0.45/yard. Final amount, including one can of spray paint = $60.73.

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Redesigned By M

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  1. bdece

     /  October 21, 2013

    Gorgeous, M!

  2. Thank you so much!

  3. Happy to hear that!

  4. I like it very much. Like the ribbon touch.

  5. Thank you! I think the ribbon softens up the overall look.

  6. This is awesome. Love the contrast of the palatial–esque bracket with uber modern chalkboard paint. Very, very nice.

  7. Playing with contrasts is one of my favorite things to do in design. Thank you for noticing this! ~M.

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