Photography Styling Challenge #5: Bedroom

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  1. Great job M!! I love the colors.. stark blue and white make a stunning picture. I like the third one best. The leafless branch does make quite a statement. And yes! we would love to see how you stage. I could definitely use those pointers for my next challenge.

  2. These photos are beautiful!! I’d love to see how you do it. I’m soaking up all the photography pointers I can get these days.

  3. Great photos, M!
    Now I know why you were drawn to the nightstand pic in my post. Haha…
    Would you believe me if I said, I had initially used a vase with dried branches too? It resides in our living room right now. I tried using it in the bedroom shoot, but eventually went with the maroon eucalyptus stems.
    I love how you captured the patterns and colors in the duvet in the second picture. I tried some shots like that with my red throw, but those pics didn’t come out that well.
    I would love to read about how you stage and photograph the themes. Especially, how you find the different angles to work with. I love how all 3 pics are different angles/perspectives of the same styling.
    PS: The little headboard peeking out in the first shot is really inspiring me!

  4. Looks good! I’d love to hear your staging tips.

  5. Since my last theme was completely void of color, I thought I’d add in a bit of it in this month’s theme. 😉 Happy to share my styling tips… will do a post in the near future. ~M.

  6. Thank you so much, Beth! I’ll get working on that styling tips post! ~M.

  7. Thanks, Megan! Happy to share how I went through this process. Look for it soon! ~M.

  8. Great minds think alike! I almost didn’t use the branch, but added it back in when my alternative was a blank white wall. I think the branch also lent an organic quality the set up needed. At first, I was quite focused on the first shot, thinking this would be the only way to shoot it. I must have about 80 shots of that first image in various exposures and angles (slightly higher vantage point, lower, etc). Then I remembered some of the inspiration images I looked at in a few books I thumbed through to pull this shoot together, and there was one shot from the foot of the bed that I remembered distinctly, so I aimed to try that angle (which is the 3rd image), and the second image was inspired by that same angle, but this time from the side of the bed. Ultimately, I moved around the bed a bit looking through my viewfinder to see which angles were best. I literally got down on my knees to shoot all these images… almost none were shot fully standing upright. I find that seeing things from below makes a more interesting pic sometimes. Give that a try with your future themes! ~M.

  9. Nicely styled M. Simple and clean with nice colours. The 2nd was is my favourite simply because of how the light is exposed.

  10. Thanks, Dillon! I was disappointed by how dark the images looked once I uploaded them to my computer. On the tiny display screen, the whites looked very bright… almost too bright, so I didn’t think I’d have to set the camera to higher exposure. I guess I’ll have to assume the images are less bright than they seem on camera. Would you suggest the same?

  11. I do find the images look different on the tiny camera screen compared to when you upload them to your laptop/pc. I sometimes capture the same images with different exposures to make sure I capture the right light. You can then choose the best ones on your pc.

  12. I love this photoshoot, M. Doesn’t look last minute at all! I love the white, one of my favorite aspect from your previous shoot too. The first shot has gotta be my most favorite, very mag-worthy! 🙂

  13. Thank you! I love white linens… use them almost exclusively! I’m so glad to hear you think my first shot was magazine worth – I’m definitely aiming for that quality!

  14. I’ll definitely be doing that from now on. Haven’t been too happy with the exposure levels of my last three shoots. Thanks for your input!

  15. BRAVO!!!! Love the colors, textures + patterns!!! Well done, well done indeed!!! Especially with the constraints you had to work with in my crazy bedroom!!! I can’t wait for the staging reveal – your readers will be shocked to see what my bedroom REALLY looked like!!! Haha!

  16. Thanks for the challenge, Shelli! I feel like I graduated Styling 101 putting this vignette together. Haha

  17. citygirlsearching

     /  November 5, 2013

    Lovely photographs M! Clean and very pleasing on the eye. I love the first and last shots, the lines in the photograph draw you in, and the result is very appealing. I love the branch in the vase too! x Great work! CityGirl x

  18. Looks Love,M!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  19. Thank you, Trish!

  20. Thanks, Roxy! Do you know I actually considered not using the branch? In the end, it had to go in so that it would fill up all the blank wall space. I’m so glad I didn’t leave it out! ~M.

  21. You are welcome and that was supposed to be-“Looks lovely “

  1. Photography Challenge # 5- Bedroom | Hooked on Homes!

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