Photography Styling Challenge #6: Order

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  1. M! These photographs ate beautiful! I I’ve each and every one of them! I now realized I did a lot less styling in this shot, and focused more on capturing the reality of the situation…which is sort of not really the point of this challenge but anyway! Back to your photographs, these are beautifully captures and so we’ll composed. I love the colours and the subject matter…just beautiful. We’ll done x

  2. I like the calming colours of the coloured pencils.

  3. Love it, M! Leave it to you to style a theme like Order/Organization in such a pretty manner.
    Love the first shot and the one with the colored pencils. Btw, I don’t get the last shot. Is it upside down? Looking from above? Or a mirror reflection? Just asking.
    Can’t believe we are halfway through the challenge right? My sentiments, exactly!!

  4. Thanks, Roxy! These photos turned out better than they looked when I was staging this scene. Haha. I’m very pleased with the positive response I’m getting from them. Appreciate your feedback! ~M.

  5. Thank you! I like that too. 🙂

  6. Yeah, sorry about that… I introduced a new object in the last photo that wasn’t there in the previous photos, which are the kraft paper bags. Actually, I had used it in other test shots, but decided I didn’t like it as much in the final edits. What you’re looking at is a photo of the paper bags hanging on the wall looking down at the table scene. I debated whether to use this last photo or not because of the weird highlight on the scissors and the weird white colors from shooting raw, but I just thought the angle was so interesting that I put it in anyway. Hope that clears up the confusion! Thanks for the feedback! ~M.

  7. Wow! That is such an interesting perspective.

  8. So glad you like it!

  9. Hi M. very very well done! I love the overall colors in your pictures. The first one is my fav and the spools of thread are captured very well. I was confused as well about the last click… but you clarify, you took the shot from above, and the bags are looking down at the scene… explains a lot about the picture. Its actually a very good shot. Great job M!

  10. Beautiful photos M. I love how you’ve styled it and the colours you’ve chosen. The last photo looks like it was shot with a very wide aperture so there isn’t too much you can do with the scissors, in post you could select that area and change the exposure compensation and brightness/contrast which could make it less fluorescent looking.

  11. Great work with the staging, My favourite is the close up of the pencils, really nice contrast. Seeing your work, makes me want to get my camera out and have a go!

  12. Thank you, Namrata! It’s so interesting that you call photos “clicks”. I’ve never heard it used like that before you. 🙂

  13. Thanks, Dillon! I really appreciate the tips on how to post-edit! I’m gonna have a go at it and see if I can’t get those scissors to blur out with the rest of the objects.

  14. I always like to act when I’m inspired. I love the adrenaline rush from the creative motivation, so you should definitely have a go at it! Even if there’s no staging involved and you’re just shooting random objects around the house. You’ll be surprised how you’ll start to tweak things here and there to get the right shot without thinking about it.

  15. Love all your pics M!

  16. Pretty pretty pretty. You are a great stylist!!! And I love your camera!!!

  17. Thanks, Shelli!

  18. Thank you, Supriti!

  19. M, very pretty and very much in order. I love the pic with the pencils the best!! 🙂

  20. The pencil photo seems to be a fan favorite! Can’t deny that I like it, too. 🙂

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