Photography Styling Challenge #8: Patterns

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  1. M, not only are your photographs amazing so is your craftiness with paper! Love the paper quills… my favourite, the 2nd picture. I have a long way to go in terms of styling for photography *sigh*…

  2. Way to go with this challenge! I love the color combo here. The yellow adds a nice punch amid the blues and purple.

  3. Wow. Did you cut all those out?! Great color combinations:-)

  4. Thank you, Supriti! Cutting some feathers is really no big deal. haha ~M.

  5. Thanks, Anjana. I’m glad I added the yellow. Was originally gonna just do purple and blue, but it seemed so flat. The yellow gave it that added dimension.

  6. I did! Now, I’m not sure what to do with them all… ~M.

  7. What to do with these? They are lovely. Maybe some dream catchers. I. Love. Paper. I love your paper.

  8. You must have a very steady hand M 🙂 I am hopeless when it comes to cutting out delicate shapes. I really like your colour combination. But I would like to see these feathers on a lighter background to really make the feel light and airy…perhaps you can attempt a dream catcher like Nicole said…make sure to photograph that to show us all! Great composition as always x

  9. omg you are SO neat and meticulous with your scissors! I am die hard fan of paper craft, and I simply love what you have done M. I like all the pics – great color combinations, styling and shooting. Great job.

  10. Hey M, Like Nicole said, dream cathchers would be nice. Or a garland. Or you could save them and use as gift toppers, with the recipients name written across them in ink.
    Just felt like putting in my two cents’ worth ;P

  11. I love the paper patterns and your scissor skills. I feel like to take it to the next level that you want to bring another element into the picture. I’m not sure exactly what it would be, but perhaps bringing these feathers as part of a wall vignette.. What do you think? I know you could design something so creative.

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  • Visit me at my new home!

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