Photography Styling Challenge #9: Fashion

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  1. I love the way you have played with the light on this one, M. They give the pices this very modern, Soho-ish kinda look. I wish you had put up a few more pics to admire though 🙂
    I cannot believe that we are off to the fourth quarter either. Makes me wish I had joined the group earlier :-/

  2. I loved all your collection :). Totally my kind of wardrobe and colors!
    Can I still participate in the challenge ? This sounds fun !

  3. Hi M,
    Like Vaish mentioned, I wold have loved to see more pics! I love the patterns you chose and love how you captured the lightness of the fabric in the second picture.

  4. Lovely light.
    My favorite is the white top with the thread embroidery and black spots.

  5. citygirlsearching

     /  March 3, 2014

    Hi M! I too would have liked to see more photographs, as these ones are really lovely 🙂 I can see that navy and royal blue must be your favourite colours (reflected in your logo and other work too!). Lovely natural light and such pretty textures x

  6. Of course you can! We haven’t many months left. When would you like to start?

  7. Supriti Chauhan

     /  March 3, 2014

    Hi M! My only grudge… too few a pictures to admire! Love your sheer white top!

  8. Supriti Chauhan

     /  March 3, 2014

    Also, missing the action on your blog of late. TC!

  9. Hey M, These are great. I love the light, the colour and the way you styled the pics. The first pic looks great, there’s a lot of pattern but it’s still subtle and clean.

  10. This one is over? If yes then from next month?

  11. Well, the majority of us have already posted, but if you really want to stage a Fashion shoot, you’re still welcome to do so! Otherwise, next month is great!

  12. Thank you, Vaish! I really wanted a light, airy shoot for this theme. ~M.

  13. Thank you, Anjana! You know, I haven’t even worn the sheer shirt in the second photo, yet? ~M.

  14. Thank you, Samta! I haven’t worn that top yet! ~M.

  15. I actually love all colors, Roxy! I do show a lot of navy on my blog, though, don’t I? ~M.

  16. I love that top, too! Haven’t worn it yet. ~M.

  17. Thanks for the feedback, Dillon! I just wish I had more in my closet to choose from, but I guess these ones were good enough. ~M.

  18. Will join next month 🙂

  19. Where to look for it in time?

  20. What is your email address? I’ll add you to our FB group. I also send out an update every month to all the participants.

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