Photography Styling Challenge #10: Light


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  1. Well done M, I love this shoot. It turned out really well. I’ve seen these lightbulbs around and love them but they’re quite expensive! I think the 2nd shot works, but it would have popped more if it didn’t illuminate the wire.

  2. How cool, M! I love the lines of the bulb. The back-light in the third image is just a bit jarring. Maybe you could’ve done something to soften it?

  3. Hi M. Its really very tricky to shoot light. I like the second pic. I love the fact that the bulb is not in the center of the pic… it really catches the eye. Inspite of having limited resources you come up with inspiring shots.

  4. My favourite shot has to be the 3rd one! I like the way the brown circle breaks the jet blackness of the background. Great photography as always!

  5. Hi M! I love this shoot! You set yourself up for a challenge photographing in darkness…but this pictures came out wonderfully! They have a very Victorian feel to them, also like I just stepped into the movie “The Prestige”…well done! x

  6. How courageous. To shoot in the dark. You captured the filaments so well. The detail is stunning. These photos are gorgeous.

  7. Roxy spoke my mind – I felt I was transferred to the movie “The Prestige” too – I guess thats the light bulb effect.
    I loved the first picture – the filaments are so beautifully lined there and nicely illuminated too.

  8. Like everyone said, you were brave to shoot in the dark. I like the raw feeling and even like wire in the second frame. You could have probably tried on a diffuser like a lamp shade to give it a depth. Other than that, I like the minimalism you have going on in it.

  9. I like the filaments glowing in the first photo. Love the theme – Light. Can I join the Photography styling challenge? As it is late and all of you have posted, is it okay for me to join now?

  10. Of course you can! Do you want to post for Light this month or wait until next month (Living Room)? There are only two more themes after Light.

  11. Yes, I would like to post this month as I have clicked some pictures. After I post I will send you the link.

  12. Fantastic! Can you give me your email address so I can add you to our Facebook group? Look forward to seeing your images.

  13. I have posted it. This is the link: I am so excited to be in this challenge. Waiting for next month now. Great job, M!
    My email address is :

  14. Thanks, Dillon! Those lightbulbs ARE expensive! I found mine for under $6 each through Amazon, so I thought it was quite the savings from other places. In the 2nd shot, I actually wanted the wire to be illuminated… just a bit more. I am so terrible with shooting lighting!

  15. I didn’t even notice that in the 3rd shot! I’m sure I could’ve toned down the glare a bit more in post-edit, but as we can’t edit….

  16. Thanks, Namrata! This was definitely a challenging theme, which really shows my weakness and which area I need to work on more.

  17. Thanks, Supriti!

  18. I guess they do kind of seem like that, huh! Suppose it’s the nature of the bulbs… they’re so vintage, haha. Glad you liked this photo shoot.

  19. Thanks, Nicole. I admit I didn’t shoot in complete darkness. The wall just happened to be painted black, so it looks like I did.

  20. Thanks, Samta. I was very pleased that the filaments were captured as well as they did.

  21. Thanks for the idea, Vaish! I hadn’t thought to shine a third light on the staging. Probably would’ve illuminated the whole photo shoot A LOT better.

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