How To Maximize Your Closet Space

When we moved into our new house more than a year ago, I made the switch in our bedroom closet from plastic hangers to huggable hangers.  Do you know what I’m talking about?


Not only are these hangers immense space savers as they actually do live up to their name of “hugging” each other, but they’re flocked so your tops won’t slide off the hangers anymore.  My dresses with spaghetti straps stay on without a problem and my slacks don’t slip off.


The photo above shows how much space can be saved using the same amount of hangers in plastic vs. huggables.  They are worth the investment!  I bought mine on sale from Home Depot during the summer for $5 for 10 hangers, but they’re normally priced at $6 for 10 (in Canada).  So far, that’s the best deal I’ve been able to find near my home.  The Container Store sells 10 for $9.99 (which is not available in Canada, bummer).  ***UPDATE! Mr. M just saw these same hangers at Costco for $15 for a box of 50.  That’s the BEST price ever!***

The thing I struggle with the most about hangers, whether they’re huggables, plastics, or woods, is that the skirt/pant clips always eat up so much rod space.  I decided not to buy the add-on skirt/pant clips and used something different.


Binder clips!

Yup!  You probably have several around your home that you’re not using very much, so why not repurpose them?  They easily clip over the thin huggable hangers and keep my skirts secured to the hanger without eating ANY extra rod space.  (Just fold down the metal handles.)



And in case you’re wondering, they do not damage my skirts at all.  Welp, nothing wrong with gaining some extra hanging space in your closet, right?  Especially since our house was not blessed with a walk-in closet.

Happy organizing!


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  • Visit me at my new home!

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