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My birthday is quickly approaching!  The thing I love best about birthdays is all the freebies you can get from various businesses.  Did you know that these are available to anyone with a birthday (aka ALL OF US)?  Seeing as I’ve been out of the country – slash – continent for the past two birthdays, I wanted to make the most of my birthday freebies this year with some advanced planning.  Many of the companies that offer birthday gifts require you to sign up for the emails/newsletters, so it’s best to start the ball rolling on that now in order to maximize the available freebies in your special 24 hours.

I live in Canada, so these freebies and deals are centered around Canada, and in Vancouver, specifically.  However, the businesses that you recognize for the US also does birthday freebies, so Americans – don’t you stop reading just yet!

For your birthday, you can follow my plan, or make one of your own!  Here is my schedule thus far:

Day of My Birthday

Perk: Free Grand Slam, no substitutions
When: Some time soon after midnight or the very early morning after I wake up
How: Walk into a Denny’s restaurant with your photo ID and tell them it’s your birthday.
They’ll know how to take care of you!

Tarts Bakery (Vancouver only)
Perk: Free tartlet
When: Mid morning breakfast (10AM-ish)
How: Subscribe to their mailing list (under “Contacts”) on their website.  In the message, tell them when your birthday is and they’ll email you a coupon.  Print it or show it on your smart phone when you pick up your freebie.

Pajo’s Fish & Chips (Summer birthdays in Vancouver only)
Perk: Free meal of a small fish and chips with drink, or burger and fries with drink
When: I’m thinking lunch time, around noon, or just before.
How: Sign up for their newsletter on their website and they’ll email you a coupon.
Bring in the coupon with your photo ID.
(It tells you exactly what to do on the coupon so you can’t go wrong!)

Booster Juice
Perk: Free smoothie
When: I’ll pick this up on my way to my birthday day trip
(destination to be announced in a later post)
How: Sign up for the Booster Nation mailing list on their website.  You’ll get a special something in your email to claim your free smoothie.

Value Village
Perk: 20% off purchase
When: Early evening, around 6PM
How: Join the Super Savers Club in store or online. You’ll get a card, which you have to show along with your photo ID to claim your discount.  Only good on your birthday.

Old Navy
Perk: “An exclusive birthday treat.”  I’ve never gotten a birthday gift from Old Navy before, so I don’t know what the treat is specifically.
When: Late evening, around 8PM, just before closing
How: Go to their website to get on their email list.  The treat will be emailed to you.

Marble Slab Creamery
Perk: Free ice cream cone
When: Evening dessert, around 10PM
How: Join the Marble Mail through their website. They’ll send an email for your birthday surprise 72 hours before your birthday.

Before or After My Birthday:

Red Robin
Perk: Free Gourmet burger and fries
How: Join their eClub.  They’ll email you a coupon the week before your birthday.
Time frame: Valid a week before and a week after your birthday.

Perk: Free gift
How: Sign up for their Beauty Insider’s Club, whether in person or online.  They’ll give you a plastic card when you join, but if you forget to bring it with you, just tell them your email.  Walk in and ask to redeem your birthday gift and that’s it!  No purchase necessary in retail stores.
Time frame: This is my most favorite birthday freebie.  You basically have all year to pick up your gift, which has been great when I’ve been out of the country.  (If you forget, they even send you a reminder email.)  I’ve been able to pick up my gift for the past six years now.  It also varies every year, so it’s always a nice surprise to see what you get.
Note: They provide a special gift for men, too!

RW & Co.
Perk: 25% of your purchase
How: Sign up for their newsletter and a coupon will be emailed to you.  In the event you don’t get an email, log on to their website, log in, and you’ll find your coupon waiting for you in your account.
Time frame: Valid 3 days before and 3 days after your birthday.

Here are other establishments that give birthday presents that I won’t be able to take advantage of this year:

Baskin & Robbins, BOGO

Cold Stone Creamery, BOGO

Starbucks, free drink when you register a Starbucks card

IHOP, free breakfast when you sign up for their club.  Note: They also give a free breakfast when you sign up AND upon your anniversary.  Since I’m not yet a member, I’ve decided to sign up at a later date when I can spread out my free breakfasts over the course of the year, instead of using them all within two weeks.  Smart thinking, huh?

Orange Julius, BOGO. You also get a BOGO for signing up.

Dairy Queen, BOGO. You also get a BOGO for signing up and a surprise on your anniversary.

Blenz Coffee, free drink at certain establishments (not all)

Alaska Airlines, 5% off my next flight booked before my birthday.  Not enough good deals for me to take advantage of.  Btw, in the past I’ve received 10% off… they’re seriously reducing their generosity.  (This is only for Mileage Plan members who have an account on their website.)

Here are a few more links that detail out birthday freebies:

Fresh Savings

Free Stuff Canada Guide

BC Living

Mrs. January

Free Birthday Stuff

Free Stuff On Your Birthday For Canadians (ebook)

Do you have any more tips for birthday freebies?  Please share!

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  1. I was just in Sephora yesterday (it’s my birthday month now!) and I didn’t realize they do such awesome birthday gifts until I was in there. I got an amazing mascara & highlighter duo from benefit! Although they may have changed their rules because the woman told me I only had until the end of the month? Just FYI!

  2. Oh, thanks for that tip! In the past, I’ve been able to pick up any time. I’ll make sure I pick mine up soon. I LOVE their gifts!

  3. Happy birthday . . . and I can tell that it will be! 🙂

  4. I thought you’d taken that pick up top at first 🙂 Was going to be very impressed 🙂

  5. Sorry to disappoint! I really wanted to take a photo just like the one I posted, but didn’t have the time to buy the cupcake and candles AND research the freebies and write this post. I had to find an image close to what I wanted to take a photo of. ~M.

  6. Thank you! I really hope my birthday will be all fun and smiles. ~M.

  7. Love this post – you’re a savvy birthday planner! Have a blast on you special day!

    XO RTC

  8. Thank you! I sure hope it will be a wonderful day! ~M.

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